The settings object belongs in the main request body and allows you to tweak how the Routing algorithm runs.

"settings": {
		"max_stop_lateness": 320,
		"max_driver_overtime": 320,
		"shortest_distance": true,
		"traffic": 1.4,
		"strict_start": true,
		"auto_balance": true,
		"default_load": 1,
		"default_duration": 10

max_stop_lateness sets the maximum number of minutes a driver is allowed to work overtime. Note that if all stops can be served within a normal shift, that will always be preferred.The default is 0.

When set to true, shortest_distance optimizes your routes based on shortest distance. By default, it will optimize based on shortest working time. The default is false.

traffic: It's usually a good idea to simulate slower traffic to ensure you will never be late for a delivery. Estimated driving times tend to be more optimistic than in reality, and using this parameter will slow down driving speed. You can choose between Faster (1.0) to Slower (2.0). The default is 1.0.

strict_start forces the departure time of a driver to be at ​shift_start​. The default is false.

auto_balance: If you want your stops to be evenly distributed across all drivers when possible, you can use this parameter.

If driver’s ​load​ field is missing, ​default_load​ will be used. The default is 1.

If a stop’s ​duration​ field is missing, ​default_duration​ will be used. The default is 10 (minutes).